Monday, November 15, 2010

What's New

Hello all,
A lot has happened since my last post.  I took my midterms, went to a Wild game, went to a Vikings game, and even got myself a tattoo.

Three weeks ago I took my first midterm in over a year and was very nervous about how I would do.  The two classes that I am currently taking are Marketing and Organizational Behavior. It is hard to believe that I am almost done with this semester.  I am going to enroll in two more classes next semester.

Lindsay and I had a great time at the Wild game.  We got free last minute tickets that we could not pass up.  It was nice to see them finally win a game. I always wondered how people were able to get a parking spot in the lot right across from the Excel Center but surprisingly we had a pass to that lot with our tickets!  We are planning on going to more games this season.

Last weekend, Lindsay and I were able to see a great football game.  The Vikings made a crucial comeback against the Cardinals in the final 3.5 minutes of the game.  With some help from a friend, we were able to watch the game from the field! The view was incredible and it was a fun experience. Thanks Mary! I will post pictures later this week. It is deceiving how big the players are until you are right next to them and can see their size in person. We are crossing our fingers to get tickets this week to watch the game against the Packers. 

As many of you know I have wanted a tattoo for a long time.  I had narrowed down what I wanted to get and went in to an artist for a consultation.  He drew up two designs for me and one of the drawings was perfect. I was originally just going to the tattoo shop to get an idea of what I wanted but I ended up coming back later that night and got my tattoo on my right forearm.  It ended up taking only an hour and a half and I absolutely love how it turned out. It is a daily reminder to never give up and to keep pushing myself.

I had an interview today to get a service dog.  It went very well and I am hoping I can get a dog within a year. It is a very long process but I am excited about getting one.  The service provides either labs or retrievers that are well trained to help out with everyday living. 

I am looking forward to the holidays and my birthday; it should be a fun couple of months.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I like the tattoo!! Very fitting. Be careful, they really are addictive, though!! ;)